We're a grindcore band in Austin, Texas, established in 2012. We play regularly all over the state. We have a variety of influences from Discordance Axis to Spazz to Disrupt. We normally play a fairly short set of about 25-30 songs. Most of our songs' themes are comedic in nature, but some are intended to be serious.

In 2013 we released 10 free songs, which you can get on Bandcamp In 2014 we released a split CD on Horror Pain Gore Death records with our friends in Cadaveric Spasm from Philadelphia. In 2015 we released a tape. We currently have some recordings we plan to release soon.

If you'd like to have us play at your event, please contact us on our Facebook page HERE

Our mascot, Clitty Cat, is drawn by our singer! Check out her work on Facebook HERE!

A Video

Thank you to 787 Live for taking the video!